At CornerStone, we have established processes and a record of strong results. How well we meet the many and ongoing needs of a CornerStone client can be seen in our track record. To consistently perform, our firm brings a number of proven processes to bear.

Asset Allocation – We perform extensive quantitative analysis and add that to the value of our experience, perspective, and judgment about how asset classes and portfolios will perform.

Manager Research and Due Diligence – Our disciplined research process is a hands-on, time-intensive, on-the-ground effort that requires frequent global travel by our principals for face-to-face meetings with managers in their offices. CornerStone's due diligence process covers everything from philosophy and strategy, investment team, firm structure, and current and former client references to operations, regulatory and compliance issues, financial statements, and more.

Manager Selection – Manager selection is an area where CornerStone has consistently added significant value. Our access to an extensive global manager network results from our reputation, experience and distinguished client base. Knowing each client ensures that our manager choices fit within the customized investment objectives of each portfolio.

Manager Monitoring and Oversight – We review managers continuously. This effort includes annual visits to managers’ offices to review our initial due diligence findings. Between these on-site meetings, we assess performance, organizational changes, and portfolio characteristics in an effort to identify potential problems before they can develop. We document these processes and make them available to the client and their auditors.

Client Portfolio Management – Our team continuously monitors each client portfolio and formally reviews it monthly to ensure it is positioned well to achieve objectives. We discuss any potential changes and decide on next steps as necessary.

Fiduciary Oversight – We adhere to the Prudent Practices for Investment Stewards to ensure that our clients achieve and maintain fiduciary excellence. This includes an annual review of fiduciary performance through the Self Assessment of Fiduciary Excellence.