Our clients and their investment committees particularly appreciate how we customize each client’s portfolio for their needs using thoroughly vetted investment managers. This customized approach to building discretionary and non-discretionary portfolios is designed around an organization’s distinct objectives and is a key reason that our clients choose to work with us. We do not pool funds. Instead we work in close collaboration with each client to establish an overall investment strategy and a corresponding asset allocation resulting in a unique portfolio.

At CornerStone, a client’s investment strategy and asset allocation are not developed in a vacuum. We ensure that investment objectives are clearly integrated with any broader financial strategy and goals the client-organization has. As a result, a given plan can include everything from debt strategy, bond ratings, and operational cash flows to capital projects, swap obligations, and fundraising. A host of considerations goes into every portfolio design. The components are as individual as the client’s requirements. No two CornerStone-designed investment portfolios are exactly alike.

Hiring managers is one of the most important decisions we make on behalf of a CornerStone client. We recommend the hiring and termination of individual managers on an ongoing basis. Both selection and management involve thorough, on-the-ground due diligence. Each choice is made with one goal in mind: selecting the best investment manager available for that part of the portfolio. We stress performance, not asset gathering. Our strong track record for CornerStone clients reflects our success in choosing top performing managers.