CornerStone Partners LLC

Full-service CIO and Investment Office for Endowments,
Foundations and Not-For-Profits

The choice of an investment advisory firm is one of the most important decisions that an endowment, foundation, or not-for-profit can make. Assessing the differences among firms, however, can be a challenge. At CornerStone Partners, we believe four key characteristics distinguish us. These are:

  • Judgment and insights shaped by broad experience
  • Exceptional service focused on a small number of select clients
  • For each client, a customized portfolio of thoroughly vetted investment managers
  • Established processes and a long track record of strong investment results
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CornerStone clients value these distinctions. Each chose us at a time when their needs had outgrown the service model of a traditional consulting firm or required more flexibility than a typical outsourced-CIO firm. By choosing CornerStone, our clients realize the benefits of a fully staffed internal CIO and investment office, on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis, without the many challenges of building and maintaining an in-house department.

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